Getting ready for my conference!

So I leave tomorrow night for the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writer’s Conference. I am super excited – although I am overwhelmed at how much I still need to get done! I have to get some physical materials ready and pack, but more than anything I need to get ready for my in-laws to be here without me for 4 days. And they’ll be taking care of both my children for 2 of those days and the baby chose this week to get off her schedule. So I have to work on naps and make a metric ton of baby food. And the house is a mess! Ah, the life of a writer, right?

So I was looking through the conference schedule yesterday and there are just so many great sessions… and they all run over each other. I actually had to break down and make a color-coded schedule in Excel to see which sessions I could do without conflict and which ones overlapped and by how much (they’re also all different lengths). Conveniently, I should be getting a jump drive with all the session handouts already on it (to save paper) so I won’t have to sneak in to get handouts and then sneak out to go to another session. I hate doing that – it makes me feel dirty.

But I have tough decisions. For Example, Bernard Cornwell (who is the whole reason I’m going to this conference) is giving a three hour talk on Saturday, but it conflicts with two other great sounding sessions – one on making your story more complex with subplots and secondary characters and one on turning your book research into publishable articles. And that’s only one example. I guess I should be glad there are so many cool sessions, but seriously.

One thing I’m really hoping for is to get inspired to choose a genre for my next project. I’m still totally undecided between historical fiction and urban fantasy… and the more I think about it, the more undecided I am. I’m hoping to get a sense of the market right now and also how to go about starting each genre and maybe I’ll get some little tidbit that will catapult me in one direction or another. I’ll be done with my revision at some point in the next few months and I want to start on my next project while I’m querying.

So, anyone else going to this conference?


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8 responses to “Getting ready for my conference!

  1. Hi Megan, I’m stopping by from the Writers Campaign!

    I am not going to the Rocky Mountain conference, but I am thrilled to be going to my first writing conference next month. I’ll be at the Ozark Creative Writers Conference, and I can’t wait!

    Maybe I can work the Rocky Mountain conference into my budget next year, it looks really interesting!

  2. I’m not going to the conference but I hope you have a productive as well as enjoyable time.

    BTW, I’m here over from the Platform Building challenge…

  3. The conference sounds amazing! I’m sure you’ll have a great time. I’m headed to my very first writing conference in one month: Ozark Creative Writers. So I look forward to reading your posts next week about all that you learned!

  4. I won’t be there, but have fun! It sounds like it will be an incredible conference!

  5. How was the conference? I go to one later this month. So excited!

  6. Cat

    Hi! I am also from the campaign! I’m not going to that conference but definitely looking forward to going to one this year, or the beginning of next.


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