I took the plunge…

… and started my revision. After only, what, two years? I’ve decided on a couple of plot changes and I really need to tighten up my characters. But the first step is the hardest and I made it through chapter one yesterday. And even though I know I’ve gone  through that chapter a dozen times or more, there was so much expository chaff left to delete. I think it will really strengthen my main character to be ruthless about the rumination. I thought of something else to adjust while I was trying to sleep last night, so maybe I’ll work on that today.

I need to send out a one page summary and my first ten pages for my conference critique and I only have a week before the due date so I really need to get those pages dealt with. I have a new version of my synopsis from my class, but it’s a page and a half and, while I suspect it’s fine for querying, it’s too long for the critique session.

I also need a new title. And I’m totally stymied. I like my working title, but I suspect it’s too pretentious for the genre. I’m just a little uncomfortable with it, but I can’t think of anything better and I’m getting frustrated. I have awesome titles for my next two projects so why can’t I think of one for my current project?

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  1. blueghoul

    On the topic of titles, I’m at the same point. My own’s a tad too pretentious even for my liking. But it’s the one I started to use and, well, just sort of kept for a while. My next project already has a title that I like just fine, but for the current one…It has multiple titles, none of which I’m too fond of, except for the pet name I have for it. Titles’re tricky things, though. Have to get them just right. And I’m terrible at summing up an entire book, or at least, idea, in a single set of words, and words that’d sound vague, but nice enough to catch the attention of many.

    It’s a little frustrating and sort of an intimidating sort of thing to even attempt, but, as naive as it sounds, maybe it’ll float into your head sometime when you’re writing that one scene, that major turning point, when you find just the perfect words to describe it all.

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